Women’s Health

Supportive Physiotherapy treatment and programs to improve strength and flexibility for women of all ages

Chronic or acute musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation

Supportive programs to allow return to exercise following women’s health conditions such as breast cancer, autoimmune diseases, gynecological and post pregnancy issues

Pre and Post Natal Therapy & Exercise

Pelvic floor strengthening, treatment and postural advice for during pregnancy and after birth recovery

Gentle strength and flexibility group exercise classes for new and soon-to-be mums run by women’s health physiotherapist

Reduce likelihood of common post partum conditions such as abdominal separation, incontinence, prolapse, lower back pain, pelvic instability, sacroiliac dysfunction

Adolescent development

Promoting strength and flexibility in teens and adolescents for optional and healthy development

Prevent injury through early intervention and strengthening of postural muscles

Common conditions causing pain in teenagers include scoliosis, postural issues and sporting injuries